eCMID – Planned Downtime and January 2018 changes

Published 21 December 2017

eCMID System downtime

The eCMID system will be unavailable for around 1 hour from 12:00 UTC on Wednesday 3 January 2018 while we implement the changes announced in our previous communications. Please plan any inspections around this time accordingly. Any inspections commenced prior to the update will automatically be upgraded by the new software version and will be uploadable once the update is in place, subject to point 3 below. Once the update is up and running, you will see a new website header, as follows:

eCMID website - 2018 design
eCMID website – 2018 design

Once the update is in place, inspectors will need to update the eCMID application (go to Help > Check for Updates). When the latest version is in place, the updated welcome screen will be as shown below:

eCMID application - 2018 design
eCMID application – 2018 design

End of paper CMID/MISW reports

Inspector AVI requirement

eCMID Helpdesk

IMCA has strengthened its eCMID Helpdesk team, where Adam Hugo and Jordan Lawler are both now available to provide assistance where required.