About the IMCA eCMID system

The IMCA eCMID system provides the marine and offshore industry with standardised formats for vessel inspection. It offers a safety management system (SMS) ‘health check’ and can help improve the quality and consistency of inspections, as well as reducing the frequency of inspections on individual vessels through the adoption of a commonly recognised inspection process.

IMCA has published Guidance on the IMCA eCMID system (IMCA M 167) which sets out details on the system’s purpose, inspection format, process and policy-related issues.

Find out more on the following pages in this section:

  • Inspection formats – the system includes the eCMID inspection template and the eMISW template for smaller workboats
  • Why use the online system? – the eCMID database, inspector accreditation and inspection application form replace previous offline reporting, with assured inspector competence and numerous other benefits for all industry parties
  • Accredited vessel inspectors – IMCA recognises the AVI scheme operated by the IIMS Marine Surveying Academy to ensure that those undertaking inspections have the required competence and current experience for each vessel type covered by the system.

The system is overseen by the IMCA Marine eCMID Committee, which includes representatives of all stakeholders – vessel operators, clients and inspection companies.