The IMCA eCMID system is overseen by the IMCA Marine eCMID Committee and, ultimately, the IMCA Board, ensuring that it delivers value to the industry.

The committee includes representatives of all stakeholders – vessel operators, clients and inspection companies – together with the IMCA secretariat and IIMS, which operates the accredited vessel inspector scheme. It meets four times per year and reviews policy matters, the inspection templates and the ongoing development of the database website and software.

The committee comprises the following members:

Sujit ViswanathanDNVChair
Kerrie ForsterWorkboat AssociationVice-Chair
Alex ClarkBP Shipping
Bo Kiel JesperseØrsted
Jennifer McCaulScottish Power Renewables
Barrington Taylor-HamiltonSiemens Gamesa Renewable Energy
Kevan SmithSubsea 7
Vladimir ShuvaevTechnipFMC
Mike SchwarzIIMS
Jennifer Evans
Mark Ford
Adam Hugo

The committee can be contacted via the IMCA secretariat.