eCMID System – upload fees now in place

Published 18 June 2018

As previously announced, payment is now required for submission of inspection reports to the eCMID database.

Inspectors will need to manually download the updated eCMID application via – automatic updates are not available on this occasion.  Once installed, you will need to log in again – either via a ‘Get data’ option or via Settings > Application Settings > Update Settings if you are continuing work on a saved inspection.

Simple user guides to the payment and uploading processes are available on the eCMID homepage.

The system is now as follows – we have incorporated user feedback during development where possible:

To date, IMCA has funded the entire system from its members’ subscription fees, which has delayed and/or limited the improvements we can make.   While new fees are never welcome, these are required to provide stable funding for the system and to enable improvements that the industry has been asking for, such as availability on non-Windows platforms, image libraries, file attachments and more – all of which can now be considered for future work.  By ensuring a robust and effective system is in place, this should provide significant value for vessel operators and their clients, far in excess of these relatively modest upload fees.

Other changes in version of the eCMID Application include an AutoSave function, where saved sections are now automatically saved as part of the ecmid5 file (previously you had to additionally click the Save button in the report overview screen to ensure that section data was saved as you progressed through the inspection).

For all enquiries and support needs, please contact the eCMID Helpdesk – or telephone +44 (0) 20 7824 5526.