IMCA consulting on forthcoming updates to the eCMID and eMISW templates

Published 3 August 2018

IMCA has circulated draft revised versions of the eCMID (IMCA M 149 Issue 11) and eMISW (IMCA M 189 Issue 4) inspection templates.  These provide advance notice of changes, as well as providing an opportunity for users to comment on the question sets prior to publication, planned for early September.

All users are reminded that only eCMID/eMISW inspection reports uploaded into the eCMID database by accredited vessel inspectors (AVIs) are now recognised by IMCA.  The consultation PDFs are not to be used as the basis for offline reports and must not be exported to any editable format.

Please provide any feedback using the attached comments form by 31 AUGUST 2018.

To coincide with these new inspection templates, we will also be publishing:

Mark Ford
Technical Manager