New eCMID system updates for inspectors

Published 20 August 2018

We are pleased to announce the first functional improvements to the eCMID system that have been solely funded by the inspection report upload fees introduced in June 2018:

These new features resulted from inspector feedback at the IIMS eCMID conference in London earlier this year. We have a number of other updates planned – not least expansion to non-Windows platforms – and welcome your feedback and suggestions, all of which help us identify and prioritise areas for future development.

Finally, please be reminded that the next versions of the eCMID and eMISW question sets were circulated on 3 August 2018 for comment, with a deadline of 31 August 2018 – please do take this opportunity to review the drafts, so that you are familiar with the changes, and provide us with your feedback prior to their finalisation and release next month.