Analysis of eCMID and eMISW findings published

Published 19 December 2018

IMCA has analysed over 2,000 vessel inspection reports uploaded into the eCMID database and produced a summary of key findings.

The eCMID system enables vessel operators to review and address these findings and to add commentary on corrective actions and other feedback. This is then provided for clients and potential clients to review as part of the downloadable inspection report.

By highlighting frequent findings, we can enable vessel operators and inspectors to address common issues. These can also be useful to IMCA’s committees as they identify priority topics for future work and guidance.

The question sets were fully refreshed in October 2018 (published as eCMID Issue 11 and eMISW Issue 4), using this data to help eliminate low value questions and ensure a focus on critical safety elements as new sections (covering cybersecurity, the Maritime Labour Convention and DP vessel reactivation) were introduced.

The full report is now available on the IMCA website.