eCMID System development plans

Published 18 March 2019

A system of upload fees for eCMID and eMISW was introduced in 2018, in order to fund ongoing maintenance and development of the eCMID system.

Since that point, a number of enhancements to the database website and inspection application for Windows have been implemented, with a focus on ‘quick fixes’ for items that have received significant user feedback.  This includes the ability to undertake inspections prior to vessels being added to the database, access to inspection history for annual AVI renewals, improved vessel management for operators (with a ‘hide vessel’ for transferred/scrapped entries), an extensive new information and support website and more.

We are now particularly pleased to announce that IMCA has now commissioned costly development of a prototype inspection app intended to expand availability to non-Windows systems, such as iPads, Android tablets and Mac systems.  Delivery of the prototype for internal testing is anticipated for early Q2 2019 and we will provide further announcements as this project proceeds, including an invitation to inspectors interested in testing the new app in due course.