eCMID/eMISW temporary validity extension ending

Published 9 July 2020

Further to information note IMCA M 01/20Marine and DP assurance – IMCA advice during ongoing COVID-19 situation, the temporary validity extension of eCMID/eMISW inspections ends in July.

IMCA has closely monitored the vessel inspection levels over the past few months and can see that they have returned to pre-COVID-19 lockdown levels.

The table below shows the number of inspections and inspection type globally for the first half of 2020:

MonthTotal InspectionseCMIDeMISW
June 20201266858
May 2020924052
April 2020733538
March 202017264108
February 20201487969
January 20201226161
IMCA eCMID/eMISW inspections H1 2020

The statistics for the first part of July 2020 continue with a positive trend.

As such, all vessel inspections with extended validity will become invalid on 24 July 2020.

While lockdown has eased in most areas where the eCMID/eMISW inspections commonly take place, there remain locations where access to vessels for inspection purposes remains prohibited. IMCA will therefore consider on a case-by-case basis individual vessel inspection validity extension requests. These extensions may only be granted provided requests are supported with sufficient evidence and they will be granted at the full discretion of IMCA.

Anyone requiring further information or assistance should contact the eCMID Helpdesk.

The accredited vessel inspector (AVI) scheme remains open and is fully functioning. The Marine Surveying Academy is now delivering AVI courses in an online format, and monthly courses have been scheduled until the end of 2020, offering flexible times to ensure people from around the world can attend. Full details and dates of forthcoming courses can be found at

IMCA will continue to monitor events over the coming months and may update guidance thereafter.

The above information was published as information note IMCA M 14/20.