eCMID Accredited Vessel Inspector scheme celebrates five years as revalidation starts

Published 3 September 2020

The International Marine Contractors Association’s eCMID Accredited Vessel Inspector scheme, managed by the Marine Surveying Academy (MSA), has recently celebrated its fifth anniversary. Consequently, the reassessment of those early adopters has begun and the first dozen inspectors originally recognised by the scheme are currently going through the process of revalidation.

The accreditation scheme, now fully recognised by major players in the offshore sector, was born to combat the challenges faced by vessel owners and operators who were unable to vouch for the competency of those boarding their offshore assets to carry out inspections. The scheme, which assesses objective evidence against six vessel types, has processed over 600 applications since the first accreditation was awarded on 1st June 2015. Since then, 515 inspectors from all over the world have passed the accreditation process and achieved AVI status.

eCMID AVI revalidation is a two-stage process. Part I is a formal review of the inspector’s ongoing accreditation to ensure it is still sound. This includes reviewing their practical activity over the last five years, reports and continuing professional development records. Part II is a mandatory half day revalidation course, delivered online. The first two dates to be announced are 30th September and 4th November 2020. The course will update AVIs on the latest legislation changes, review how the scheme has evolved and introduce them to new developments, such as the Progressive Web App pioneered by IMCA.

MSA Chief Executive Officer, Mike Schwarz, commented, “When I look back to that first meeting with IMCA as they scoped out the challenge and I see how far we have come in making a difference to the offshore inspection arena, it is with a deal of pride. The scheme has proven to be robust yet flexible as the economic ups and downs have hit the offshore sector hard over the past five years. The process we have put in place will ensure that those seeking revalidation of their accreditation face a thorough review to ensure they are still competent to do this important work.”

For further information:
Mike Schwarz, Chief Executive Officer, International Institute of Marine Surveying
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