IMCA invests in eCMID System – report PDF improvements now available

Published 13 June 2023

IMCA has released its first set of updates to the eCMID system for 2023 which improve the report files provided to vessel operators, their clients and other system users:

This is the first of several updates planned over the coming months. Also in the pipeline are: usability improvements to the inspection app, new and improved payment options, updates to the user account area, and the ability for inspectors and vessel operators to upload additional documents to support inspection reports and show actions in response.

Upload fees were introduced to fund the ongoing maintenance, support and development of the eCMID system, with IMCA committed to ongoing improvement of the system.  Many of the coming updates have been prompted directly by user feedback, as well as from the recently introduced report quality assurance process.

Additional suggestions from the user community are always welcomed via the eCMID Helpdesk – [email protected].