eCMID and eMISW vessel inspection templates updated

Published 18 August 2023

IMCA has published updates to its vessel inspection templates, addressing changes related to IMCA codes of practice, recommended practice, IMO regulations and the latest user feedback.

Over 1,600 vessels worldwide are currently covered by a live inspection report, providing a safety management system health check for both operators and clients. The inspection templates are reviewed and updated at least annually to reflect technological progress and regulatory developments, plus feedback received from the active community of vessel operators, accredited vessel inspectors and other stakeholders.

Both templates feature new guidance on closing meetings, which is also included in a revised IMCA M 167 (Rev. 4.1) – Guidance on the IMCA eCMID System. Such meetings form a very important part of the inspection process and allow the necessary time for inspectors to discuss their findings and conclusions, and the report review/publication process with the vessel operator representative(s).

The new versions also include updated guidance notes and references, a small number of new questions and, for the eMISW template, an updated DP vessel supplement to reflect recent improvements to the similar eCMID version.

Detailed Changelog

eCMID Issue 13.2

  • Introduction – Closing Meeting guidance revised
  • 2 (Previous inspections) – updated guidance for 2.2
  • 5 (HSE) – New questions 5.21, 5.22 on pilot ladders
  • 16 (Mooring and towing) – updated guidance for 16.2
  • Supplement 1 (DP) – updated question and guidance for S1.5 on FMEAs, updated guidance for S1.3, S1.12
  • Supplement 3 (OSVs) – updated guidance for S3.17

eMISW Issue 6.2

  • Introduction – Closing Meeting guidance revised
  • 16 (Crane) – new question 16.4 on lifting equipment management system
  • 19 (Clean seas) – new question 19.6 on oil record logbooks, updated question and guidance for 19.4
  • Supplement 1 (DP) – extensive revision to reflect the eCMID DP supplement

IMCA M 167 Rev. 4.1