Findings Analytics

The analytics hub is available to all registered users of the eCMID system and provides analysis of aggregated inspection report data. It can be accessed via the Analytics link in the main menu at the top of each database website page.

By identifying the questions and sections resulting in the highest proportion of findings during inspections, additional focus can be placed on these areas. This might be by vessel operators reassessing their procedures, through inspectors spending additional time reviewing areas of particular concern, or by IMCA committees updating or promoting relevant guidance.

Reports and Filters

The default report is ‘Findings by percentage‘, which lists those questions that have resulted in inspection findings by frequency, indicating the report section, number of reports in the dataset and the percentage of reports with a finding.

Users can filter the report as follows:

  • Report date – by default a six-month date range, but adjustable. Data is only available from May 2021 onwards (where the 2021 versions of the inspection templates or later have been used)
  • Inspection type – select between eCMID and eMISW
  • Vessel type – an optional filter based on options selected by the vessel operators when setting up their vessels in the system
  • Supplements – select any of the vessel type- or operation-specific supplements (by default reports cover the core inspection sections only)

You may export each report as a CSV file. Please note that exports are subject to the eCMID terms and conditions, for internal company use by registered system users, and are not to be incorporated into external databases or republished.

Two other reports are available – ‘Findings by section‘ groups questions and shows results in the same order as the questions appear in the latest templates; ‘All answers‘ shows all questions in the current version of the selected inspection template and reports the percentage for each possible response – Yes/No/Not Applicable/Not Seen.

Analytics for Vessel Operators

Within the analytics hub, vessel operator account users have an additional option in the report filters – ‘Show data for‘ – with two options:

  • All Data – the same as is shown to all users
  • My Fleet – report data is further filtered to report just on the vessels registered to the current user’s company. This view is not available to clients or other database users.


The analytics hub launched in March 2022. As a new development, feedback is particularly welcome.