External Inspectors

The eCMID system enables freelance/sole trader inspectors and others to link with other inspection companies for purposes of auditing and internal quality assurance processes.

Manage External Inspectors

Administrator users within the inspection company can select ‘My Organisation’ (top menu) then ‘Manage External Inspectors’ (left menu) to list and update such users.

To add a relationship, click the ‘Add’ button under the list of current external inspectors. Search by AVI number or email address, then select ‘Add’ in the search results table to make a link.

To delete a relationship, use the ‘Remove’ link in the list of current external inspectors.

Submit for Auditing

The ‘external inspector’ relationship is used when an inspector uploads a report. Each time, they are offered the opportunity to submit a report for inspection company auditing. If they choose auditing, they are then presented with a list of potential auditors – users from those companies with which they are linked as an external inspector.