Payment processes are set up within the eCMID Database website.

Getting started with payments

There are four ways to get started with payments:

  • On upload – When an inspector uses the eCMID application to upload a report and payment has not already been made, they are given the option to go to the payment page
  • eCMID Database website for vessel operators – Navigate to My Organisation (top menu) > Manage Vessels (left menu), then right-click and select ‘Pay for Inspection’
  • eCMID Database website (all users) – navigate to Vessel Access (top menu) then use the Current/Request page depending on your whether you already have access to the vessel – then right-click and select ‘Pay for Inspection’
  • Via a sharing link – an emailed payment link will go straight to the payment page.

Payment page options

All starting points lead to the same payment page, where you can pick from various options and enter the required invoicing information.

Some details will be pre-selected:

  • Payment type – If a vessel has both inspection types enabled by the vessel operator, select eCMID or eMISW
  • Invoice address details – Tick the checkbox to change the pre-filled details
  • If appropriate, you will be offered the opportunity to provide an EU VAT number.
  • Email address – A copy of the invoice can be emailed to another recipient.

Payment methods

The following payment methods are available:

  • Pay by Card – the default option is credit/debit payment via the Stripe platform. No separate account is needed and uploaded reports are released for operator review instantly.
  • PayPal – available as a backup method under ‘More Options’.
  • Bank payment – Pro forma – Download a pro forma with all of the details needed to pay by direct bank transfer.

Please contact the eCMID Helpdesk if you require assistance or need to pay by an alternative route.

Share payment link

You can share a payment link with any email address – no eCMID account is necessary for the payer, so it can go to your accounts department, client or other third party.

You can also send the payment link to your own email address, if you want to pass it on with a message (or, for example, if you want to ensure that the recipient recognises the ‘from’ address).

You can share a payment link direct from the vessel tree (Manage Vessels or Vessel Access pages) or from the payment page. Simply confirm the credit type (eCMID/eMISW) and email address and a link will be sent.


Invoices are emailed in PDF format to the logged-in payer and, if specified, their designated copy recipient.

Archived invoices are also available via My Organisation (top menu) > Invoices (left menu), showing the relevant dates, purchasers, vessels and amounts.

Refunds and credit transfers

Refunds can be requested via the vessel tree (see ‘Starting points’ above).  However, refunds are only available where an inspection report has not This is also the option to use if a credit has been applied to the wrong vessel and needs to be transferred.

All refunds and credit transfers are processed manually by the eCMID Helpdesk.