Crew qualifications

Crew qualifications is a special section of the inspection report, which does not follow the standard Yes/No/NA/NS plus Comments format. For data protection reasons, names are not included in the inspection report.

These details may be pre-entered by the vessel operator via the eCMID database website (Manage Vessels) and we encourage them to do so, where possible, ahead of an inspection being carried out. The details will generally be easily to hand for the vessel operator and it will save time during the inspection if the data only needs to be verified rather than entered in full.

Crew qualifications should be checked and recorded during the inspection. The personnel to be listed will depend on the vessel type, but will include positions such as master, chief officer, first officer, chief engineer, ETO and similar.

This is a required section, but there may be a legitimate reason why the crew qualifications matrix cannot be completed. In such cases, the inspector should select ‘No’ in response to ‘I am able to complete …’ and provide an explanation in the text box beneath it.

In the toolbar, you can use the ‘Save’ button while you continue working on this section, or ‘Cancel’ to discard the information entered. Click ‘Questions’ in the main menu to return to the Questions Sections list.