Summary screen

Report Summary

The Summary screen enables entry of a detailed text commentary on the inspection and its outcomes, which will appear in the final report.

The draft report should be discussed at the end of the inspection with the vessel master (or their designated representative) and this should be recorded. The Findings section below will be particularly useful for this.

Closing Meeting

If a closing meeting is held, a report can be added:

  • A closing meeting template is available for downloading, although any suitable format can be used. If this option is used, the document must be scanned or exported as an image file which can be added to the inspection report
  • A text editor is also available within the inspection app for those completing the report using a portable device onboard.


The last section on this screen provides a summary of those questions which have resulted in ‘findings’, where comments from the inspector are required.

As well as enabling quick navigation to relevant questions, a printable set of findings can be generated (for display on screen, saving as an HTML file or printing to PDF) for use in review/close-out discussions.