Vessel particulars

Vessel particulars is a special section of the inspection report, which does not follow the standard Yes/No/NA/NS plus Comments format.

These details should normally be pre-entered by the vessel operator via the eCMID database website (Manage Vessels) and we strongly encourage them to do so, where possible, ahead of an inspection being carried out. The details are often easily to hand for the vessel operator, and it will save time during the inspection if the data only needs to be verified rather than entered in full.

Many of the details will not change between inspections but should be verified by the inspector. Where guidance is provided on the format of data to be entered (such as units of measurement), this should be followed.

Vessel particulars entered into an inspection report can be saved back to the master vessel record by the operator for use in future inspections.

Data entry

While many of the questions in this section require free text answers, input controls are provided to assist with certain types of data and enable more detailed analysis and reporting, including:

  • Number fields – for vessel dimensions and similar, only numbers can be entered, with the required units of measurement stated in the relevant questions
  • Date fields – a calendar control should be displayed automatically to ensure that dates are entered in the correct format
  • Checkbox – a simple yes/no question
  • Email and URL – text must be in the standard format to enable hyperlinking
  • Selection list – for flag state, classification society and P&I club, select from a list of known entities, or choose ‘Other’ and type in if the required option is not listed.

In the toolbar, you can use the ‘Save’ button while you continue working on this section, or ‘Cancel’ to discard the information entered. Click ‘Questions’ in the main menu to return to the Questions Sections list.

Data changes – July 2022

The above input controls were introduced for eCMID Issue 13 and eMISW Issue 6 in July 2022. To assist vessel operators and inspectors with updating of existing data, an alert is now displayed when changes to the vessel particulars data is required.

Each question requiring an update is highlighted, with previous answers displayed underneath the input field, so that users can quickly refer to that data and update as required. An example is shown below, where a flag state of ‘Panama’ can be selected using the new input control:

Input validation notice – eCMID Inspection App