Report validity – IMCA advice during ongoing COVID-19 situation

Published 18 March 2020

This post has been superseded. For the latest advice, please see eCMID/eMISW temporary validity extension ending

IMCA has issued information note IMCA M 01/20Marine and DP assurance – IMCA advice during ongoing COVID-19 situation. It contains the following advice regarding eCMID and eMISW inspections:

For audits expiring between now (March) and July 2020, IMCA recommends that the validity be extended for four months. The database website is being temporarily updated so that all expired reports are automatically available for four months following expiry, so no action is required by vessel operators.

Note that if AVIs are unable to travel to restricted destinations, please consider and make use of the wider AVI community and any in-country inspectors that may be able to attend inspections on their behalf. Details of AVI locations and their accreditations can be found on the eCMID Vessel Inspectors website using the map or search functions.

A user guide to the review and publication process is available on the IMCA eCMID website.

Anyone requiring further information or assistance should contact the eCMID Helpdesk – [email protected] or telephone +44 (0) 20 7824 5526.

The AVI scheme remains open and is fully functioning.