eCMID and eMISW inspection templates updated

Published 17 May 2021

IMCA has updated its vessel inspection templates, following its annual review of the question sets. The revised eCMID (Common Marine Inspection Document – IMCA M 149 Issue 12) and eMISW (CMID for Small Workboats – IMCA M 189 Issue 5) will be made live in the eCMID database as of 21 May 2021 (see our separate post on the related system upgrades and downtime).

Two new optional supplements have been added to both documents. The first covers compliance with the International Code of Safety for High-Speed Craft (the HSC Code) and the Code for High-Speed Offshore Service Craft (HS-OSC Code). The second addresses the use of walk to work (W2W) as a means of access to offshore assets in both the oil & gas and renewable energy sectors, based on guidance set out in IMCA M 254 – Guidelines for Walk to Work Operations.

In the eCMID template, the existing section covering machinery spaces has also been entirely rewritten, with a clearer question set and updated guidance to assist inspectors.

In the eMISW template, the previous index of certificates has been replaced with a new section covering certificates and publications held onboard, reflecting the same change in an earlier eCMID update.

The industry is reminded that only inspection reports completed by accredited vessel inspectors (AVIs) and uploaded into the eCMID database are recognised as valid reports. The online system ensures that the latest complete question set is used, and that the inspection has been undertaken by a suitably competent, experienced and qualified professional.

Review copies of the new versions are available for downloading. These are to help users prepare for an inspection, or for evaluation purposes, but are not valid for uploading to the eCMID database.

Detailed changelog:

eCMID Issue 12

  • Section 7 – Cybersecurity – change to question 7.14
  • Section 15 – Machinery space – rewritten
  • Supplement 1 – DP vessels – change to question 2
  • Supplement 18 – HSC Code compliance – new
  • Supplement 19 – Walk to work – new

eMISW Issue 5

  • Section 2 – Certificates and publications – rewritten
  • Section 6 – Machinery/electrical – new question 6.24
  • Section 11 – Radio – updated guidance in 11.1, new question 11.2
  • Section 13 – Navigation – updated guidance in 13.2
  • Section 15 – Safety of personnel – updated guidance in 15.7
  • Section 16 – Crane – updated guidance in 16.3
  • Supplement 6 – HSC Code compliance – new
  • Supplement 7 – Walk to work – new

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