IMCA clarifies guidance on selection of eCMID/eMISW inspection templates

Published 20 June 2024

IMCA has updated its guidance relating to its eCMID and eMISW vessel inspection templates and how they apply to individual vessels.

Previously, 24 metre length was included as an “and/or” option alongside 500 gross register tonnage (GRT). This was to address a perceived overlap between smaller vessels with complex systems and more basic vessels above 24m. However, this grey area (>24m and <500GRT) has led to confusion for vessel operators, inspectors and clients alike.

The guidance has now been simplified:

New versions of the inspection templates and eCMID system guidance document (IMCA M167) will include the new definitions. IMCA anticipates publication around August of this year. The above advice is recommended to all users of the system.

Vessel operators can update the template offered for a vessel via the database website – My Organisation > Manage Vessels > Vessel Setup. A user guide is available.

Inspections undertaken using the alternate template for vessels in the ‘grey area’ remain valid, as will any inspections uploaded prior to the release of the new inspection templates.