Add or Edit a Vessel

Add a vessel – To add a vessel to the eCMID system, your company account type must be ‘vessel operator’ and you must be an ‘administrator’ user.  Then, simply follow these steps to add a vessel:

  • Log in to your account
  • In the top menu, pick ‘My Organisation’
  • In the left menu, pick ‘Manage Vessels’
  • Click the ‘Add Vessel’ button toward the top right of the page.

Edit vessel details – To edit an existing vessel, choose the ‘Setup’ option at the right of the vessel table.

Vessel Setup

The vessel setup screen is used both for adding and editing vessels. The first section contains the following mandatory information:

  • Vessel name
  • IMO number – if your vessel is small and does not have an IMO number, contact the helpdesk for a substitute reference
  • Date operator assumed responsibility – once entered, you will need to contact the helpdesk if incorrect
  • Online – this will need to be checked if you wish an inspector to be able to access the inspection template, or for authorised database users to download inspection reports
  • Vessel type – select one or more appropriate options. These are used for reporting and analysis purposes on an anonymised basis.

If you are adding a new vessel, you must click ‘Save and continue’ to proceed. Once you have added a vessel, you can edit the following details:

  • Manage access – this link provides quick access to grant access to other organisations registered in the eCMID system. You can also provide access via the main Manage Report Access link in the left menu.
  • Available reports – select one or more templates to be available for inspectors to download in the inspection app. If you are unsure which is most appropriate for your vessel, guidance is available. Once you have enabled one or more templates, you can then add the following details:
    • Contact(s) – identify at least one of your company users who will be advised on report upload and expiry, and who will be able to review, comment on and publish inspection reports. Read-only users are not available for selection
    • Vessel particulars – we recommend that vessel operators complete as much of this section as possible, as this will enable inspectors to quickly verify the pre-completed details, and thus spend a larger proportion of the inspection on the other report sections. Further information is available in our guide to vessel particulars.
    • Crew qualifications (eCMID template only) – where possible, we recommend that vessel operators also complete this section to reduce the amount of inspector time needed to enter it during the inspection.