Manage Report Access

To manage access to your company’s vessel inspection data by third parties select ‘My Organisation’ (top menu) then ‘Manage Report Access’ (left menu). This function requires an administrator user type.

There are two types of access:

  • Single vessel – this is where access is requested or granted on a per-vessel basis.  You can modify the list of vessels which the company can access.
  • All vessels – if allowed in your company settings (see ‘Edit company details‘), access can be granted to all current and future vessels, avoiding the need to process requests on a per-vessel basis.

Current Access

The ‘Manage Report Access’ page displays all third-party companies which have currently been given access to your company data. Click ‘View/Edit’ to remove permission or to change an access type (‘single vessel’ to ‘all vessels’ or vice versa).

Provide Access to a New Company

Vessel operators can grant access without first receiving a request from a third-party by clicking the ‘Add’ button at the bottom of the ‘Manage Report Access’ page.

The third-party will need to be registered in the eCMID system.

New Access Requests

Third parties can request access to vessel data.  Such requests can be found via My Organisation (top menu) then ‘New Access Requests’, while links are also provided by email and on the ‘My Account‘ homepage after logging in.

The ‘New Report Access Requests’ page lists all pending requests, showing the name of the individual requesting access, the company they are requesting on behalf of and which vessel(s) the request relates to.

Use the ‘View/Edit’ link to read any message submitted with the request and to approve the request, deny access or to change the access type (e.g. from single vessel to all vessels or vice versa).