Edit Organisation Details

If you have an administrator account, you can edit your company details via ‘My Organisation’ (top menu) then ‘Edit Details’ (left menu).

Contact details are self-explanatory, but please note:

  • The company/trading name may be displayed to other users, e.g. in the list of vessel operators/clients, and will be the default for any invoices
  • Telephone numbers are split into country code/area code/number.  If you don’t have an area code (e.g. for mobile/cell numbers), simply split the number across the two boxes.
  • You may be shown a prompt for your company VAT number, depending on your location – this will enable zero-rating of any invoices in respect of upload fees. It can also be entered (and saved to the company account) when an invoice is generated.

The final option on the ‘Edit Details’ page (shown only to vessel operators) is a checkbox labelled “Allow ‘Access All Vessels’ Requests”.  This determines whether third-party users can request access to all of your company’s current (and future) vessels via a single request, or if access to each vessel must be requested separately.  For more details on permissions, see Manage Report Access.