To register your company with the eCMID system, follow this guide.  If your company is already registered, you can be added as a user by any company administrator.

How to Register

Registration and accessing reports is free of charge.

  1. Go to
  2. Click ‘Register Now’ in the ‘New Users’ panel in the lower right of the screen
  3. Select the appropriate category – this makes sure that the relevant functionality will be available to you
  4. Add your company details. Please ensure you provide your company website address to avoid delays. If you do not have a website, you should forward a brief company profile to to assist in review of your registration request.
  5. Review and agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Review Process

IMCA reviews all registrations.  If your need is urgent, please contact the helpdesk.

  • If your registration is not accepted, you will receive a message including an explanation from IMCA staff.  This most often happens where a company is already registered, so that the user can be added to the existing company account instead
  • IMCA may request further information, such as a company profile, to help with the review
  • If your registration is successful, you will receive an automated message from confirming your login details. At this stage, you can log in and start adding users, adding vessels (if appropriate), access the eCMID Inspection App (for inspectors) and requesting access to vessel reports.

Account Transfer and Merger

Transfer and merger of company and user accounts is available, where appropriate, via the eCMID Helpdesk.

  • IMCA recommends that each company group should maintain a single account for ease of management of vessel, user and access data across their fleet
  • Inspector user accounts can be transferred between companies or separated to freelance status as needed while retaining inspection history. A separate registration is no longer required for this. Inspectors can also be linked by inspection companies for auditing purposes while using their own user accounts.

Please contact the helpdesk for more information.