Guide for Inspection Clients

How to Commission an Inspection

eCMID and eMISW inspections are undertaken by independent Accredited Vessel Inspectors (AVIs). Clients (who may also be the vessel operator) need to commission an inspection report directly from an inspector.

The IIMS Marine Surveying Academy, which operates the accreditation scheme, publishes an online directory which can be filtered by location and specialist accreditations:

Receiving the Published Inspection Report

Clients should ensure that they are registered on the eCMID database ahead of an inspection taking place. The inspector will then select them in the inspection app and email notifications will automatically be sent when the report is available.

While the report is going through its review process, inspectors may provide an advance copy of the uploaded report PDF. However, by using the database to access reports, clients can access the latest operator comments – in response to any inspection findings, with other updates and/or with supporting documents available for downloading.

Clients can also use the database to access other published reports – see our guide to vessel/report access.