Edit User Details

You should ensure that your user account details are correct and are kept up to date when things change. This helps ensure that you receive notifications, such as on report availability or updates to the eCMID system.

You can update your account on the eCMID database website by selecting ‘My Account’ (top menu) then ‘Edit Details’ (left menu).

Contact details are self-explanatory, but please note:

  • Email address – a change here will also change your login username
  • Telephone numbers are split into country code/area code/number.  If you don’t have an area code (e.g. for mobile/cell numbers), simply split the number across the two boxes.
  • ‘Is Inspector’ determines whether or not a user is able to download and use the eCMID application (although it does not affect ability to upload, which requires AVI status).
  • Where a user is an inspector, ‘Accreditation Number’ shows the user’s AVI number where relevant.  AVI data is updated by the IIMS Marine Surveying Academy, who should be contacted in case of query.