Inspector Accreditation

IMCA recognises the Accredited Vessel Inspector (AVI) scheme operated by the IIMS Marine Surveying Academy.

Full details can be found at including:

  • Accreditation requirements and process, including continuing professional development (CPD) and revalidation
  • Forthcoming training courses and AVI conferences
  • ‘Find an Inspector’ online directory


  • Inspectors must hold accreditation for the inspection type they wish to carry out (eCMID or eMISW), including any restricted supplements (e.g. dynamic positioning)
  • Those without accreditation (or without the required supplementary accreditation) must be supervised during the inspection by an AVI with the required accreditation – they will log in separately to enable the inspector to upload the report. The following guidance in IMCA M 167 applies:

3.3 Trainee Status and Supervision
Trainee AVIs (those individuals working towards accreditation) may use the database and perform vessel inspections, as long as they are supervised during the inspection (i.e. on the vessel) by an accredited inspector, which will assist them in achieving the minimum number of inspections required for their accreditation application. It is not sufficient for an AVI to review a trainee’s draft report without having accompanied them during the inspection.
Similarly, inspectors holding AVI status but whose certification is not endorsed for those supplements requiring additional accreditation will need to be supervised during all relevant parts of the inspection by an AVI holding the necessary endorsements. As an example, where accreditation does not yet cover the dynamic positioning (DP) supplement, the supervisor should be present throughout the entire inspection, as complex DP systems are linked into all aspects of the vessel and its operations.

IMCA M 167 – Guidance on the IMCA eCMID System

AVI Data Required in the eCMID Inspection App

Accreditation data within the eCMID database is managed by the IIMS Marine Surveying Academy. If your AVI number or specific accreditations are not shown in your user account, please contact the Marine Surveying Academy.