Auditing of inspection reports

Inspection companies can make use of the eCMID system’s auditing feature to have a second person review an inspection report prior to upload for vessel operator review, as part of their internal quality assurance processes.

  • Where the inspector is a user within the inspection company account, auditors will automatically be available for selection on the Upload screen
  • Where the inspector operates independently or within another company account, they can be linked as an external inspector to ensure that they can select from your company’s auditors

Auditor selection

The Upload screen, once report completion and accreditation checks are complete, provides the option of submitting the report for internal auditing or uploading directly to the vessel operator for final review and publication. On choosing ‘audit’, the inspector is then presented with a list of their own company auditors and those in each company that has them linked as an external inspector.  On selection, an email is then sent to the auditor and a notification will appear on their ‘My account’ page when they log in to the eCMID website.

If the designated auditor is unavailable, for whatever reason, the inspector can be advised to reopen the inspection in the eCMID Inspection App then follow the upload process a second time, when they will be able to select an alternative auditor.

Completing the audit

On receiving notification that an inspection report is ready for auditing, the designated inspector. the auditor should follow the process below.

The inspector and auditor must use the same inspection app – the notification email will advise the auditor if the classic Windows application is required. The following instructions are for the PWA.

  • Open the eCMID Inspection App and select ‘Audit an inspection’ from the Home screen (link disabled if no reports are available). Select the appropriate report to trigger a download of the draft inspection report
  • Undertake the audit – review the inspection details (including items such as company disclaimer and logo), then go through each of the question groups, reviewing the inspector’s entries
  • Once the audit has been completed, the auditor should go to the Upload screen complete the upload process to submit the report for vessel operator review and publication.