Images and file attachments

IMCA M 167 – Guidance on the IMCA eCMID System – provides the following advice on use of images:

Inspectors are strongly encouraged to use photographs to illustrate their findings where appropriate. However, as the number of images increases, so will the final report file size (and upload time from the inspection app). Clients will generally prefer a concise report, so` inspectors should consider both aspects when adding images to their report.
The comments field shall be used to describe the photograph, i.e., where it was taken, what it shows and how this supports the selected answer.
Data protection and privacy regulations must be considered, with care taken to omit or obscure any personal identifiable information.

The eCMID application enables image uploads for the following:

  • Where applicable, a single image can be uploaded to illustrate the response to a particular question
  • An inspection company logo and cover image can be uploaded via the ‘Inspection details‘ screen.
  • A scan of the washup meeting report can be uploaded via the ‘Inspection details’ screen.

The ‘add image’ button will change to a ‘remove image’ button once a file has been uploaded, with a ‘view image’ button also present.

The eCMID Inspection App does not currently feature an image editor, so you will need to make any edits, such as cropping, rotating or combining multiple images, in an external image editor prior to upload.

Additional Images appendix

Individual questions may allow uploading of a single image. Where additional illustration is needed, or for more general photographs not specific to a particular question or section, an ‘Additional Images’ appendix can be enabled from the supplement selection screen. This offers additional image slots, which can be captioned and ordered as appropriate. The number of images is limited, to keep the final report to a manageable length for operators and clients.