Images and file attachments

The eCMID application enables image uploads for the following:

  • Where applicable, a single image can be uploaded to illustrate the response to a particular question
  • An inspection company logo and cover image can be uploaded via the ‘Inspection details‘ screen.
  • A scan of the washup meeting report can be uploaded via the ‘Inspection details’ screen.

The ‘add image’ button will change to a ‘remove image’ button once a file has been uploaded, with a ‘view image’ button also present.

The eCMID Inspection App does not currently feature an image editor, so you will need to make any edits, such as cropping, rotating or combining multiple images, in an external image editor prior to upload.

Future eCMID development plans include the ability to upload multiple images, a general report image gallery, inclusion of an image editor and the ability to upload file attachments, such as a multi-page washup meeting report as a separate PDF file. This guide will be updated and users will be updated via the usual channels when new features are added.