Overview screen

The Overview screen contains key information about the inspection and provides options for customising the report in line with inspection company requirements.

Inspection information

Most fields are self-explanatory – date, place, vessel operation and inspector – and form part of the introduction to the final report.

The Country field does not appear in the main inspection report, but is used for internal system statistics.

Supervisors can log in via the Overview screen – a successful login will be stored in the report data to enable upload at a later date.

You can also specify a specific third-party contact to receive email notification when the report is uploaded.  If an incorrect choice of client has been made when the template was downloaded, this can be changed via the Overview screen (an internet connection is required to display the list of registered clients).

Customising the report

The following options are available to meet inspection company requirements:

  • Inspection company name – this is pre-filled from the inspector account, but can be modified via the Overview screen (particularly useful for freelance inspectors who may work for several companies)
  • Report cover logo – upload the inspection company logo for display on the report cover
  • Inspection disclaimer – enter standard company- or report-specific text that will appear in the initial pages of the final report.