Standard question groups

Most sections/question groups in the inspection template follow the same format of a question that requires a Yes/No answer, or selection of ‘not applicable’ (NA) or ‘not seen’ (NS).

Guidance on completion of each question is included. This may feature a number of sub-questions to be considered and/or reference to regulations or applicable industry guidance. The guidance may also indicate elements that will only be applicable to certain vessel types.

For each question, the inspector will select the relevant answer. The template identifies where the answer results in a ‘finding’ that will be summarised on the main screen and grouped in the findings section of the inspection report.

For all findings, an inspector comment is required. For other answers, an inspector comment is optional. Where ‘not seen’ is selected, the reason for this should normally be explained in the comments.

Where applicable, a single image can be uploaded to illustrate the response. The ‘add image’ button will change to a ‘remove image’ button once a file has been uploaded, with a ‘view image’ button also present. The eCMID application does not currently feature an image editor, so you will need to make any edits, such as cropping or combining multiple images, in an external image editor prior to upload.

You can use the ‘Save’ button to save your changes to the data file while you continue working on this section, or ‘Save & Close’ to return to the eCMID application’s main screen.