Manage Users

If you are an administrator user type, you will be able to add, edit and delete other users from your company account.  Select ‘My Organisation’ (top menu) then ‘Manage Users’ (left menu).

A separate ‘Manage External Inspectors‘ section exists for linking to inspectors who work independently or for third-party organisations for the purposes of auditing inspection reports.

The main ‘Manage Users’ page will display a list of all users within the company account, with a View/Edit link.  Users are sorted by status (live user accounts first) then ‘Last name’ alphabetically. Your own account is not currently shown in this list – you should use the ‘My Account‘ section to edit your own information.

There is an ‘Add’ button at the bottom of the page for setting up new users.

There are three user types available:

  • Administrator (including one primary administrator for the account) – this includes full edit access on company data
  • User – a standard user type
    • By default, a user can only view data related to company vessels
    • A user can be assigned as a vessel contact (via ‘Manage Vessels‘), in which case they will be able to edit vessel data and comment on and publish draft inspection reports
  • User read-only – a restricted account, which is not displayed in selection boxes for permissions related to individual vessels or processes.