Review and Publish Inspection Reports

Once an inspection report has been uploaded (and payment made), it becomes available to the vessel operator for review, commenting and publication. Reports are automatically published 30 days after upload if the operator has not completed their review within this period, with email reminders sent to the designated vessel contact periodically.

Operators can continue to add comments – to address findings or provide other updated information – during the report’s one-year validity period.  These will then be available to clients and others accessing the latest version online.

Reports are accessed as follows:

  • Select ‘My Organisation’ in the top menu, then ‘Manage Vessels’ in the left menu
  • In the vessel list, choose the ‘Manage Reports’ link to the right of the vessel name
  • On the ‘Manage Reports’ page, select the ‘Review’ action for the required report.

Overview Page

The first page of the ‘Review inspection’ area is laid out as follows:

  • Report status
    • For an unpublished report, the ‘Available on database’ button will be blue.  Once review is complete, click this button to publish the report. Availability of the report will then be indicated to all database users and a PDF download will be available to those with access assigned by the vessel operator.
    • Once a report has expired, the vessel operator can choose to extend its availability beyond the default one-year limit by ticking the checkbox and clicking ‘Save’. The report icon will change to a green/red mix, indicating that it is no longer valid but remains available for downloading.
  • Inspection details
    • This section provides details on the inspector, client, date and vessel status at time of inspection.
    • Any cover logo and cover image added by the inspector can be viewed here.
    • The inspection summary is available for review via the final button in this section.
  • Findings and comments
    • The first section provides a summary of questions which are shown as ‘findings’, where comments are required from the inspector, along with the status of inspector and operator comments and a ‘View/Edit’ link for quick access to these key parts of the inspection report on the detailed review pages (see below).
    • Optional additional comments from the inspector and vessel operator follow.
  • Review all questions and answers
    • At the end of the page is a ‘Review all questions and answers’ button.  This leads to the full list of sections, each of which links to a detailed review page. The vessel operator must complete their review of all sections before making the report available (publishing the report), although automatic publication will occur after 30 days whether or not this has been completed.

Detailed Review Pages – Special Sections

Three sections of the inspection report are laid out in a particular format to suit their content. The detailed review pages summarise their contents, with the relevant question acting as a link to a page where details can be updated:

  • Vessel particulars – the details confirmed by the inspector are available for review as part of the report and can also be used to update information saved in the vessel setup information for future use.
  • Crew qualifications (eCMID template only)

Detailed Review Pages – Standard Sections

All other sections of the inspection report are set out on standard detailed review pages, whether accessed from the findings and comments area of the overview page or from the full list of report sections.

For each question, the following information is shown:

  • Question number, full text of the question and the answer selected by the inspector
  • Inspector’s comments, together with a link to any images uploaded to illustrate their comments
  • Operator comments
    • As operators can add multiple comments, perhaps updating their response as actions are taken to address findings, the operator comments are presented as a sequential list, identifying the user who added them and the date they were added
    • The first button in this section enables addition of a new comment
    • The next button enables uploading of an image to illustrate the comment – for example, a photograph showing a repair.  The third button enables deletion of an image if it has been incorrectly uploaded.
    • The final button displays any image linked to an operator’s comment.

Once a section has been fully reviewed (whether or not any comments have needed to be added), the operator can select ‘Mark section as reviewed’ at the bottom of the page. The final button on the page returns the user to the list of sections, so that they can continue working through their review section by section.