Manage Reports

For vessel operators, a summary of the latest report status is provided on the ‘Manage Vessels’ page. Select the ‘Manage reports’ option to the right of a vessel name to see detailed information and access the various report management functions described below.

All enabled report types are listed in a simple table, showing all existing reports and their status.

eCMID and eMISW Reports

For these inspection types, uploaded by accredited vessel inspectors, any existing reports are listed showing inspection and upload dates, status and expiry, plus the following actions where applicable:

  • Pre-pay (link to the right of the inspection type header) – access payment options to add an upload credit before an inspection is uploaded, to avoid any delay in being able to access a report for review and publication
  • Review – once payment has been made, the ‘Review’ option enables vessel operator administrators and assigned vessel contacts to review the report and add comments throughout its one-year validity period. The ‘Review and Publish‘ guide provides more details on the review process and the 30-day period following which reports are automatically published. Following automatic expiry, use this link to extend availability of the report for downloading
  • Pay – if an inspection report is uploaded without payment being made, this option will be shown against the newly uploaded report. You may see a Refund option, which leads to a request form setting out when and how refunds may be applicable
  • Download – use the icon to download a watermarked PDF copy of the inspection report, which will include any operator comments. Once published, this will be the same file that is available to authorised users via the Vessel Access pages.

Supporting documents can be uploaded by both vessel operators and inspectors/auditors. These are listed at the bottom of the ‘Review Report’ page with the operator able to decide whether each file is made available for downloading alongside the inspection report.

Other Documents

The final section of the reports table can be used by vessel operators to share additional documents that may be of interest to users they assign access to, such as DP trials reports, FMEAs and diving DESIGN documents.

  • Any existing ‘other’ documents are listed, with an ‘Edit document’ option which will let you replace or delete a file
  • Select ‘Add other document‘ at the right of the section heading to upload a new document (this function is only available to administrators and vessel contacts within the vessel operator account).