Supporting Documents

PDF and image files can be uploaded as ‘supporting documents’ linked to an inspection report.

Access to these additional documents is via the same permission system as for inspection reports, so operators will continue to grant or assign access on a vessel- or fleet-wide basis.


  • Vessel operators can add files via the bottom of the ‘Review Report’ page.
  • Inspectors and auditors can upload files via the ‘My Inspections’ page under ‘My Account’. Vessel operators will be notified and can choose whether to make these files available for downloading with the inspection report (subject to existing access requests).


  • When using the ‘Vessel Access’ pages, after selecting a vessel’s ‘Reports/contacts’ link, then if supporting documents are available, a ‘+’ symbol will be shown by the inspection report which expands to list the available files with icon links based on file type to download.

This feature is separate to the ‘other documents‘ section which allows vessel operators to upload documents related to a vessel that are not linked directly to an inspection, such as trials or FMEA reports.