eCMID News and Updates

IMCA warns against offline use of eCMID system

The International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) has issued a notice setting out the benefits of eCMID, its online vessel inspection system, and warning users that offline use is no longer permitted. Since 1 January 2018, IMCA has only recognised formal inspection reports conducted using its eCMID application and uploaded into the database website ( Any […]

IMCA to unveil eCMID updates at AVI London-based seminar

There are over 450 Accredited Vessel Inspectors (AVIs) for the International Marine Contractors Association’s (IMCA) eCMID vessel inspection scheme around the world. This week sees the AVIs’ One Day Seminar being held in London (Regent’s University, 19 June). Three key members of the IMCA secretariat will be among the speakers at the seminar. Mark Ford, […]

April 2019 newsletter

The Marine Surveying Academy has published its April 2019 newsletter, aimed at accredited vessel inspectors and the wider eCMID community.

Consultation regarding simple workboats

Currently there is no distinction between different types of workboat when undertaking an eMISW inspection.  AVIs who hold eMISW accreditation are able to inspect any vessels as long as they are less than 500 gross tonnage and/or less than 24m – this can cover vessels where they have minimal deck equipment, no accommodation and no […]

Reminder regarding offline use and paper versions

Since 1 January 2018, only those inspections uploaded to the eCMID database have been recognised by IMCA.  As inspections prior to that date have now expired, this ensures that all current eCMID and eMISW inspection reports have been completed using the latest version of the relevant question sets and that the inspection has been undertaken […]

eCMID System development plans

A system of upload fees for eCMID and eMISW was introduced in 2018, in order to fund ongoing maintenance and development of the eCMID system. Since that point, a number of enhancements to the database website and inspection application for Windows have been implemented, with a focus on ‘quick fixes’ for items that have received […]

Analysis of eCMID and eMISW findings published

IMCA has analysed over 2,000 vessel inspection reports uploaded into the eCMID database and produced a summary of key findings. The eCMID system enables vessel operators to review and address these findings and to add commentary on corrective actions and other feedback. This is then provided for clients and potential clients to review as part […]

AVI newsletter launched

The Marine Surveying Academy has launched a new quarterly update for accredited vessel inspectors (AVIs). In the first issue, published in November 2018: find out more about continuing professional development (CPD) for inspectors, including the downloadable CPD app read about this year’s eCMID conferences, held in London and Singapore and more … Download now from […]

IMCA launches eCMID 11 and eMISW 4 question sets

The International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) has launched an updated suite of question sets in issue 11 of the eCMID and issue 4 of the eMISW vessel inspection report forms. It has also rewritten IMCA M 167 to serve as single reference point on the inspection process and correct use of the report form. New […]

eCMID 11, eMISW 4 and new user resources

IMCA has published new versions of the inspection templates – eCMID Issue 4 and eMISW Issue 11 – and a range of new user resources, including guidance on policy and inspection processes and online user guides.