eCMID celebrates landmark with 1,000th AVI accreditation application

IMCA and the International Institute of Marine Surveying (IIMS) are celebrating the 1,000th Accredited Vessel Inspector (AVI) accreditation application.  IMCA’s eCMID system provides the offshore energy industry with standardised vessel inspections. Since its introduction, the electronic Common Marine Inspection Document (eCMID) has reduced the frequency, while improving the quality and consistency, of inspections.   Undertaken by IIMS-recognised independent AVIs, […]

IMCA clarifies guidance on selection of eCMID/eMISW inspection templates

IMCA has updated its guidance relating to its eCMID and eMISW vessel inspection templates and how they apply to individual vessels. Previously, 24 metre length was included as an “and/or” option alongside 500 gross register tonnage (GRT). This was to address a perceived overlap between smaller vessels with complex systems and more basic vessels above […]

Annual report highlights inadequate control on confined spaces

Analysis of more than 1,600 vessel inspection reports in year to 1 April 2024 reveals ongoing safety concerns over confined spaces. A new report from IMCA has analysed 1,611 standard vessel inspection reports uploaded to IMCA’s eCMID (Common Marine Inspection Document) and eMISW (Common Marine Inspection Documents for Small Workboats) database in the previous year. The eCMID system provides the marine […]

Improved findings analytics among latest eCMID system updates

IMCA has released the first set of updates for 2024 to its eCMID vessel inspection system. The eCMID Analytics Hub provides all registered users with real-time analysis of aggregated inspection data. This identifies common findings and trends, enabling operators, clients and IMCA’s committees to prioritise action to address the most significant risks. Since its launch […]

Updated guidance on closing meetings

The following extract from the recently updated eCMID system guidance and inspection templates has been circulated to all accredited vessel inspectors (AVIs). IMCA’s internal quality assurance process on vessel inspection reports has highlighted that, in many instances, vessel inspection closing meetings were clearly not being carried out as expected. Consequently, we have introduced further guidelines […]

eCMID and eMISW vessel inspection templates updated

IMCA has published updates to its vessel inspection templates, addressing changes related to IMCA codes of practice, recommended practice, IMO regulations and the latest user feedback. Over 1,600 vessels worldwide are currently covered by a live inspection report, providing a safety management system health check for both operators and clients. The inspection templates are reviewed […]

New payment options for eCMID users

IMCA has added Stripe as a new default payment service provider for the eCMID system. This new development includes a simplified payment form and process and should assist users who were previously unable to pay online. Online payment ensures instant availability of uploaded reports for vessel operator review. The options to pay via PayPal or […]

eCMID Inspection App the focus of latest IMCA upgrades

IMCA has released a new set of updates to the eCMID Inspection App used by Accredited Vessel Inspectors (AVIs). These upgrades have been funded by the upload fees paid by system users, which were introduced to provide ongoing maintenance, support and development of the system. The changes have been guided by feedback from inspectors themselves […]

IMCA invests in eCMID System – report PDF improvements now available

IMCA has released its first set of updates to the eCMID system for 2023 which improve the report files provided to vessel operators, their clients and other system users: This is the first of several updates planned over the coming months. Also in the pipeline are: usability improvements to the inspection app, new and improved […]

Technical concerns highlighted in eCMID vessel inspection analysis

Annual report reveals ongoing concerns around technical inspections, the controlled entry into confined spaces, cyber security, as well as defects to life-saving appliances. New in-depth analysis on IMCA’s industry vessel inspection programmes, eCMID (Common Marine Inspection Document) and eMISW (Common Marine Inspection Document for Small Workboats), reveals ongoing concerns around technical inspections, the controlled entry […]