Changes to upload fees for 2023

Upload fees were introduced to the eCMID System in 2018 to facilitate ongoing development, maintenance and support of the eCMID system and have been unchanged over the past five years. In light of cost pressures, fees will be updated from 1 January 2023 to £60 for an eMISW upload and £120 for an eCMID upload […]

eCMID Inspection App – withdrawal of classic Windows application

In July 2020, IMCA launched the new, cross-platform eCMID Inspection App, available via any modern browser at  The app has been very well received, with feedback welcoming the simplified navigation and ease of use, as well as the ability to use Mac, iOS and Android devices for the first time.  Our thanks to those […]

New eCMID inspection app enters public testing

A new eCMID inspection app is now available for testing, with an invitation issued to all registered accredited vessel inspectors (AVIs). Built as a progressive web app (PWA), this will make the system truly cross-platform as it uses a web browser to run. This means that inspection reports will be able to be completed on […]

Minor version updates – eCMID and eMISW

New revisions of the eCMID (IMCA M 149 issue 11.1) and eMISW (IMCA M 189 issue 4.1) have been launched, together with related updates to the eCMID website and inspection application. The changes are minor in nature – generally updating NA/NS and image upload options on a small number of questions – and do not […]

New eCMID feature – Other document types

We are pleased to advise of a new feature in the IMCA eCMID database website, which allows vessel operators to upload additional documents that may be of interest to their clients, as part of a broader vessel assurance system. This non-mandatory features includes the following categories: Annual DP trial reports Failure modes and effects analyses […]

Reminder regarding offline use and paper versions

Since 1 January 2018, only those inspections uploaded to the eCMID database have been recognised by IMCA.  As inspections prior to that date have now expired, this ensures that all current eCMID and eMISW inspection reports have been completed using the latest version of the relevant question sets and that the inspection has been undertaken […]

eCMID 11, eMISW 4 and new user resources

IMCA has published new versions of the inspection templates – eCMID Issue 4 and eMISW Issue 11 – and a range of new user resources, including guidance on policy and inspection processes and online user guides.

New eCMID system updates for inspectors

We are pleased to announce the first functional improvements to the eCMID system that have been solely funded by the inspection report upload fees introduced in June 2018: Inspectors can now download a blank eCMID or eMISW inspection report template via the ‘Get data for new inspection’ screen (or ‘New’ on the File menu) which […]

IMCA consulting on forthcoming updates to the eCMID and eMISW templates

IMCA has circulated draft revised versions of the eCMID (IMCA M 149 Issue 11) and eMISW (IMCA M 189 Issue 4) inspection templates.  These provide advance notice of changes, as well as providing an opportunity for users to comment on the question sets prior to publication, planned for early September. The eCMID update includes: new […]

eCMID System – upload fees now in place

As previously announced, payment is now required for submission of inspection reports to the eCMID database. Inspectors will need to manually download the updated eCMID application via – automatic updates are not available on this occasion.  Once installed, you will need to log in again – either via a ‘Get data’ option or via […]