Carrying out an inspection

This guide sets out how to use the eCMID Inspection App. For details on the inspection process itself, see Guidance on the eCMID system.

Preparation of the inspection report is carried out in the eCMID inspection app, which can be used offline if the inspection template has been downloaded and saved ahead of the inspection taking place (see ‘Prepare for an inspection’).

Once you have created or re-opened the inspection, work through the remaining sections as follows:


Add inspection details such as vessel location and activity and customise the report with your inspection company details, logo, text and cover image


The main Question Sections screen lists the mandatory sections and any selected supplements. For each section. The number of questions available, required and answered is shown. Question groups are shown in red if mandatory questions are currently unanswered, or in green if all questions have been answered or only optional questions remain. All question groups must be shown in green before the inspection report can be uploaded.

There are three special sections that can be pre-filled by the vessel operator and verified by the inspector:

All other sections and supplements are covered in our guide to standard question groups. We also have a brief guide to images and attachments.


Enter summary comments at the end of the inspection, review findings (including a printable table view) and upload any close-out meeting report.